Keeping up with design trends - good or bad thing?

Design trends are continuously changing, which makes them challenging to track. But, designers have to embrace that challenge and be constantly up to date with the latest design trends. However, clients' preferences and expectations are paramount, so designers' mission is to convert clients' ideas into the desired product, even if those ideas don't match designers' personal preferences or current trends. But, designers should not ignore design trends if their clients don't want to follow them; there are still many reasons why designers should keep tracking them.

Benefits of tracking design trends

First of all, there is a reason why design trends change almost every year; because they are getting bored and old, and people are striving for more innovative and more effective solutions. Therefore, good designers should be courageous enough to try something unseen before. They should track what's trending and dare to do the opposite.

Design trends can be a great source of inspiration. When looking for inspiration, designers should consider what they can add to the work of others. That is how they can shape their unique trends and improve their current design skills. But, a good design needs repetition, so designers need to make sure they are consistent in their projects. Push your creativity by visiting some inspirational sites, such as Dribble, Behance, or even Instagram.

Secondly, a modern look and style are sometimes crucial, which depends on the type of project. For example, if the client wants a website for their new restaurant, it should look modern because the outdated look of the website could make the restaurant unattractive to visit. That is why designers have to encourage their clients to look for something trendy and attractive.

Finally, clients are usually wide open to suggestions, so they can choose the best solution for their product. That is why designers should offer many different ideas, if possible something fresh or trending, so that clients can choose which idea fits their product the best.

Implementing design trends

It is not enough to track design trends, designers should also know how to implement them in their projects. Clients need to get exactly what they are looking for, even if they want to modify some existing trend. As I said, designers should be innovative, even when it comes to copying some others' ideas. They should know how to modify some existing trend and adjust it to their projects.

It would be a huge mistake to make something that your client doesn't like or want, so designers need to listen carefully to what their clients are saying. The implementation of design trends should always follow the clients' requirements. Great designers always put their personal preferences aside, because they know that they are working for a client, not themselves.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why should both designers and clients track design trends when starting a project. They have to be informed about what is current and what people like nowadays, but that doesn't mean they need to strictly follow them. Being original and unique will always be a trend. That's why designers should stay up to date with trends. They should know what has already been trendy, so they can create something fresh and unseen. Never stop tracking design trends, but don't forget to stay original.

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