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Odvoji Po Boji

Odvoji Po Boji

A project backed by the European Union meant for the city of Bjelovar to educate its citizens about recycling and increase overall eco-friendly mindset

Odvoji Po Boji covers activities aimed at educating citizens of all ages on sustainable waste management with a focus on waste prevention, reuse of objects, proper segregation of household waste, and home composting.

The challenge

While the whole project was a much larger endeavor, covering various areas such as print marketing, educational workshops, TV spots, etc. Such areas were the project website and mobile application, whose goal was to help educate citizens of Bjelovar in proper waste management and notify them about the waste disposal schedule in their area.

What we had to do

Zero Molecule was tasked with handling the digital part of the whole story, primarily developing the Website and both Android and iOS mobile applications for the project. Brief specification for the project was:

Features on all platforms

  • Show relevant news and events regarding Bjelovar waste management and the Odvoji Po Boji initiative
  • Have fun and an interactive chatbot that can answer various questions about the initiative and general waste disposal.
  • Show recycling steps and containers for various items.
  • Show map of waste disposals and recycling yards in the Bjelovar area
  • Have a contact form for all types of questions regarding waste management.

Website-only features

  • Have interactive educational mini-games about the waste management
  • Allow the Bjelovar city staff to attach any additional document and content to the site
  • Allow the Bjelovar city staff to create and edit various news articles and events
  • Allow the users to view the waste disposal schedule and receive email notifications for the ones they select

Mobile-only features

  • Allow the users to view the waste disposal schedule and receive native notifications for the ones they select

How we did it

  • We used the design-first approach, backed with the color scheme, image assets, and some rough overall look and feel specifications from the Client. After a few iterations, we had the low-fidelity mockups for all of the screens and webpages, which allowed us to proceed onto the second step.
  • We've started with the development phase. Our mobile team handled the mobile applications, while our web team dealt with the website and CMS.
  • When the development phase was nearing its end, we've added user access for the CMS to the Bjelovar staff so that they can start creating the content because it had to be prepared for the launch. We've also sent them the unpolished versions of mobile applications so that we can still fix issues (if any) and be on time for the launch. Our website team did the same with the website.
  • After the development phase was over, we've deployed the applications to the Google Play and Apple Store and the website was connected to the domain.
  • After the launch, we've continued with the maintenance of the app, which we still do whenever required.

Tools and technologies used

The UI and UX design were done using AdobeXD and Zeplin for asset slicing and easier development integration.

The mobile app was developed using React Native and Typescript, which enabled us to have a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps. The mobile app testing and deployment were done using Microsoft AppCenter.

The website and the CMS were made using Wordpress, with a custom theme developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Final thoughts

Odvoji Po Boji is an excellent initiative to make people more environmentally aware and to educate them about keeping our planet clean and safe. We are glad to have been a part of that initiative.


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