📊 $200,000 in Traffic and Dominos on Board

AgentsOnly achieved remarkable success, generating over $200,000 in traffic and attracting a substantial initial customer base. Notably, Dominos, a prominent user, exemplifies the platform's ability to cater to diverse industries and meet the support outsourcing needs of major companies.


AgentsOnly, developed by Agents Only Technologies based in Vancouver, Canada, is a specialized platform catering to customer support outsourcing. It facilitates connections between freelancers, AI, and companies seeking scalable customer service solutions. Within the customer support industry, AgentsOnly offers innovative tools for businesses of all sizes.

We collaborated closely with Agents Only Technologies to fulfill their vision for the AgentsOnly platform. Leveraging our expertise in frontend development, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the web interface to enhance user experience and functionality. Our team began by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing codebase and project requirements.

Client Goals

Agents Only Technologies aimed to develop a robust web platform to streamline customer support outsourcing processes. Their objectives included attracting clients, establishing a strong initial user base, and effectively scaling the platform based on feedback.


One of the primary challenges involved coordinating with an internal development team located in a different timezone. To overcome this, we implemented a flexible work hours policy, facilitating effective collaboration despite the time difference. Additionally, adapting to an existing codebase required a thorough understanding of the project's architecture, achieved through meticulous code review and documentation.


Following the completion of the initial development phase, AgentsOnly successfully onboarded several major clients, including Dominos in the USA. At that time, AgentsOnly provided support for approximately 30% of all Dominos pizzerias across the country. The platform generated significant traction, attracting over $200,000 in traffic and establishing itself as a leading solution in the customer support outsourcing market.

Key Learnings

This project underscored the importance of flexibility in work hours and the ability to adapt to existing codebases and processes. Effective communication and collaboration were essential for overcoming timezone differences and ensuring the success of the project.

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