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After the Estate Sales website did well, we were tasked with making a mobile app to help people with auctions. We wanted to make it easy to use and packed with useful features for both sellers and buyers.


Following the success of the Estate Sales web platform, our team was tasked with creating a mobile companion application to enhance the auction experience for both admins and bidders. Leveraging our expertise in mobile app development, we aimed to deliver intuitive and feature-rich solutions tailored to the needs of each user segment.

Client Goals

The client sought to streamline the auction management process by providing mobile solutions for both admins and bidders. For admins, the goal was to simplify item administration and photo uploads, while for bidders, the objective was to enable seamless bidding and auction participation on-the-go.

Our Approach

Drawing from our experience with the Estate Sales web platform, we employed a similar tech stack, utilizing Flutter for cross-platform mobile development to ensure consistency and efficiency. For admins, we focused on creating a user-friendly interface for easy item management and photo uploads. Meanwhile, for bidders, we prioritized features such as bid placement, auction browsing, and real-time notifications to enhance their auction experience.

Key Features:

Admin Companion App

Enables admins to easily manage items and upload photos directly from their mobile devices, streamlining the auction setup process.

Bidder Mobile App

Empowers bidders to participate in auctions anytime, anywhere, allowing them to place bids, track auction progress, and receive real-time notifications on auction status and bidding activity.


The admin companion app has simplified the item administration process for estate sale organizers, increasing efficiency and reducing administrative overhead. On the other hand, the bidder mobile app has provided users with greater flexibility and convenience, resulting in increased engagement and participation in auctions.


The successful launch of the Estate Sales mobile companion apps marks another milestone in our collaboration with the client. By delivering tailored solutions for both admins and bidders, we have further enhanced the auction experience, reinforcing Estate Sales' position as a leading platform in the estate sales industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership and driving further innovation in auction management.

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