🔨 Building an Intuitive Estate Sales Platform

We developed a user-friendly interface and efficient auction management system, utilizing Next.js/React for frontend development, and Strapi for backend management. Through close collaboration with the client, we achieved their objectives of creating a comprehensive platform for estate sales.


Estate Sales: Auctions Made Easy is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the auction management process. It comprises a client website, an admin panel, and a companion mobile app, catering to the needs of both bidders and sellers in the estate sales domain.

Challenges Faced

The project presented several challenges, including replicating features from an older platform without access to its source code and adapting to the specific domain of estate sales, which was unfamiliar territory for our team.

Our Approach

Despite these challenges, we leveraged Next.js/React for frontend development, Strapi for backend management, and Flutter for the mobile app to ensure a seamless user experience across all platforms. Our collaborative efforts enabled us to develop a user-friendly UI and efficient lot and auction management functionalities, aligning closely with the client's objectives.

Results Achieved

The successful implementation of the Estate Sales platform has facilitated over $30,000 in transactions and has seen the successful sale of more than 500 lots in auctions. These results underscore the effectiveness of our approach in meeting the client's goals and delivering tangible outcomes.

Key Learnings

Throughout the project, we gained valuable insights into the importance of domain-specific knowledge and the challenges associated with migrating features from older systems. These learnings have equipped us with valuable expertise for future projects in similar domains.


Estate Sales: Auctions Made Easy stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in web development. By overcoming challenges and leveraging advanced technologies, we have successfully delivered a comprehensive platform that simplifies the auction management process and enhances the user experience for bidders and sellers alike.

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