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Leveraging the capabilities of Webflow, we developed a dynamic website encompassing both a webshop for boat tracking products and a promotional platform for the Nebo mobile app.


Nebo Website serves as the ultimate destination for boat owners and enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge tracking solutions. Seamlessly integrating e-commerce functionality with informative content about the Nebo mobile app, the platform offers visitors a comprehensive experience. From exploring the app's features to purchasing the Nebolink device and booking demos for the Nebofleet service, users can navigate through a wealth of resources to enhance their boating experience.


Our Approach

By crafting a visually stunning and user-friendly interface, we aimed to engage visitors while simplifying the purchasing process for boat tracking products. Leveraging Webflow's design flexibility, we seamlessly integrated the webshop with promotional content, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience for users.


The launch of Nebo Website & Webshop yielded promising results for Nebo Global:

1) Increased visibility and awareness of the Nebo mobile app, resulting in a surge in app downloads and user sign-ups.

2) Enhanced sales of boat tracking products through the integrated webshop, contributing to revenue growth and profitability.

3) Greater engagement and interest in the Nebofleet service, as evidenced by an uptick in demo bookings and inquiries.

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