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We undertook a complete overhaul of the Prospectory.ai platform, enhancing user experience and functionality. Using NextJS, React, and TypeScript for frontend and NestJS and PostgreSQL for backend, we collaborated closely with the client.


Prospectory.ai is an innovative AI-powered sales platform designed to revolutionize lead generation and campaign management. Developed by Tactical Edge AI, based in Washington DC, USA, Prospectory.ai offers customizable lead packs and email sequences to streamline sales processes for businesses of all sizes.

Project Overview

Our team was engaged in the outsourcing model to develop the Prospectory.ai web platform, encompassing both frontend and backend development. While our web developers focused on building a robust and user-friendly platform, our designer worked on crafting an intuitive design. The client's in-house team comprised project managers and AI developers responsible for the underlying service integration.

What We Did

We embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the Prospectory.ai platform, ensuring seamless user experience and enhanced functionality. Our developers utilized cutting-edge technologies like NextJS, React, and TypeScript for frontend development, while implementing NestJS and PostgreSQL for the backend infrastructure. Throughout the development process, we maintained close collaboration with the client to align with their vision and requirements.

Key Features

Prospectory.ai offers users the flexibility to purchase pre-built or custom lead packs tailored to their specific needs and preferences. The platform enables users to create and manage campaigns, define email sequences, and track campaign performance metrics such as clicks, opens, and opportunities.


Although still in the closed-beta phase, Prospectory.ai has already onboarded several prominent companies, including Mongo DB. While concrete metrics are yet to be determined, initial user feedback and adoption indicate promising prospects for the platform's success.

Technologies Used:

Design: Figma

Web Development: NextJS, React, TypeScript

Backend Development: NestJS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript


Prospectory.ai represents a significant step forward in sales automation and lead management, empowering businesses to optimize their sales processes with AI-driven insights. As the platform continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive tangible results for our clients and their customers.

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