📝 Bringing Screenary to Life

Our team developed the web application and backend infrastructure, including a user-friendly admin interface for efficient user management. We also seamlessly integrated design revisions from a previous agency to ensure a cohesive final product.


Screenary AI represents a burgeoning platform designed to revolutionize project management practices. Positioned in the Pre-MVP stage, the client is actively seeking funding to propel its development forward. The web application stands out for its capabilities in task management, note-taking, and link organization, promising enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Our Work

Tasked with bringing the client's vision to life, our team undertook the development of both the web application and its backend infrastructure. Additionally, we implemented a user-friendly admin interface to facilitate user management for the client's convenience. Having assumed responsibility for design revisions from a previous agency, we seamlessly integrated enhancements into the existing framework, ensuring a cohesive and polished final product.


With the application recently transitioning to its early beta phase, tangible outcomes are still emerging. Presently operating on an invite-only basis, Screenary AI boasts an initial user base of approximately 30 individuals, indicating early interest and engagement. As the platform evolves and gains traction, we anticipate further growth and adoption among project teams seeking streamlined collaboration and task management solutions.




Web Development:

NextJS, React, TypeScript


NestJS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript

In conclusion, Screenary AI emerges as a promising contender in the realm of project management innovation, poised to address the evolving needs of modern professionals with its intuitive features and robust functionality. As the platform progresses through subsequent development phases, we remain committed to supporting its expansion and success in the competitive landscape of productivity tools.

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