Dothub - Award-Winning IoT Innovation

An award winning proprietary IoT product that connects your old devices to the cloud.

Our team developed a proprietary solution that integrates with legacy systems and gives them a fresh, new, and a smart interface through IOT. We call this IOTification, a process that significantly lowers the costs of modernization.

DotHub provides easy to use hardware for IOTification of almost every electronic key or electrical interface. Cloud solution provides full control and telemetry data, user can manage each individual device and monitor its state.

Mobile solution has features to control legacy devices in real-time from any place in the world.

DotHub Gate

A first of many real-life applications for the DotHub platform. We've managed to rapidly develop a product that makes your old parking barrier smarter and safer.

Award-winning product

DotHub Gate project was submitted to the European GNSS Agency contest in collaboration with the Faculty of Organization and Informatics and was picked as one of the top 30 amongst 300 different European-based startups to develop a functional prototype.

The challenge

To develop a fully functional DotHub Gate prototype in less than two months with team distributed throughout the country due to the pandemic and earthquake situation in Croatia in late 2020.

How we did it

Since we were restricted by time and capacity at the time, we've decided to divide the tasks that we can accomplish and outsource the rest in order to cover as much area as possible.

The creation of brand identity and UI/UX design for the app were outsourced to AsyncLabs, one of our partner agencies and they've done a terrific job. You can read more about the design process in case study they published.

The development of the hardware device was done in cooperation with a student at Faculty of Organization and Informatics and our team, while the manufacturing of the device and its components was done by a Croatian company, e-radionica

Mobile application, backend and web administration interface were built by our experienced team of engineers.

Beyond competition

We've also managed to develop features that weren't required by the competition. For instance, we have integrated DotHub with the IFTTT platform, which enables us to integrate DotHub with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Tools and technologies used

Firmware for the device was developed using platformio.org. The hardware itself consists of radio frequency module, global navigation satellite system, GSM, power management board, LED-s and of course, the main chip for which we used ESP32.
For PCB design we used Autodesk Eagle, while for the enclosure we used Autodesk Fusion 360. For printing of the enclosure, we used Prusa i3 with multi material unit.

The mobile application was built entirely using Flutter development toolkit which was the best option for building smooth and fluid UI without compromising on the performance. The web admin interface on the other hand was built with React.

The backend part of the platform was built using nodeJS and strapi.io CMS which enabled us to rapidly develop features such as authentication and user management.

Final thoughts

What started out as a hobby project turned to be a great potential for a commercializable product, or maybe even a spinoff startup. Even though the deadline was tight and the surrounding situation was far from ideal, our team managed to over deliver the solution and we are really proud of the way it was built and coordinated.

Our plan is to move past the prototype and hopefully, sometimes soon you will be able to make your own parking gate smarter and more secure!

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